Muslims in Somalia gather to denounce the US

A Muslim leader called Washington an enemy of Islam during a protest Friday that drew thousands in Somalia's war-torn capital, where Islamic militias have been battling a secular alliance for power. The demonstration came amid some of the worst fighting in 15 years of anarchy in Somalia, which hasn't had an effective government since 1991. Eleven people were killed Friday in the capital's northern suburbs, and four people died in the city when a booby-trapped bicycle exploded. Nearly 100 people have died in Mogadishu since May 24. The US is widely believed to be supporting the secular alliance, but American officials have refused to confirm or deny that. "We know the enemy of Islam, particularly the US government, is funding the evil alliance," Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, chairman of the Islamic Courts Union, said during Friday's protest, which drew 5,000 people. Some carried signs saying: "We need Islamic Sharia law, we don't need a man-made constitution" and "Down with the US!"