NY teen arrested for threatening repeat of VTech

A high school student in New York City's Queens borough was arrested for writing a letter threatening a Virginia Tech-style shooting at a school dance, authorities said Wednesday. Prosecutors said Michael DiGiovanni, 17, wrote a letter warning students and faculty at Middle College High School in Long Island City that those attending the senior prom would share a fate similar to the victims at Virginia Tech, where Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and then himself on April 16. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said a teacher walked into a classroom on Monday and found several copies of a note that said, "So you think Virginia Tech was bad? Just wait for the MCHS Prom! Unlike VTech there won't be any injured, I'll get the job done." Authorities said DiGiovanni admitted to writing the threatening letter on April 19 and claimed it was a joke. "Whether intended as a joke or not, the writing of such a letter must always be taken seriously by law enforcement personnel," Brown said.