NYC girl survives 180-foot fall down chimney

A 12-year-old girl just wanted to show her cousin the view from her family's rooftop. Instead, she fell into a chimney and plummeted down the flue for 14 stories, emerging nearly unscathed to tell her story after landing in a pile of furnace soot. Grace Bergere, a young rock drummer, was recovering at a New York hospital on Saturday with an injured hip. A 60-centimeter-deep pile of ash and dust probably saved Grace's life by cushioning her fall when she crashed into a basement furnace, fire officials said. "I broke my leg! I broke my leg!" she yelled out after rescuers spotted her soot-caked hand reaching out for help. Fire Chief Austin Horan said the 12-year-old emerged "relatively unscathed" from the accident Thursday night at the Westbeth Artists Housing complex in the West Village neighborhood. The complex houses artists, including Grace's father, Steve Berger, a jazz guitarist. "It's a miracle - it's an absolute miracle," he said.