Obama to visit Europe at the end of the month

Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are planning to visit Britain, France, Germany and the Czech Republic in their first trip to Europe since the president took office. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed details of the March 31-April 5 trip after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced at a NATO conference in Brussels the countries the Obamas will visit. The trip will begin in Britain as Obama attends a G-20 summit meeting in London about the global financial crisis. On April 3, Obama will have bilateral meetings with President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. From London the Obamas will fly for NATO summit events to Strasbourg, France, and will participate in events April 3-4 at Strasbourg and at Kehl, Germany, to observe the 60th anniversary of the trans-Atlantic alliance. The Obamas will end their trip in Prague, Czech Republic, where the president will meet with Czech officials and leaders of European Union states.