Pakistanis burn Danish flag to protest publication of Prophet cartoons

Dozens of hardline Islamic students set a Danish flag on fire in Pakistan on Thursday to protest reproduction of Prophet Muhammad cartoons in Danish newspapers. About 60 members of the student wing of the radical religious group Jamat-e-Islami staged a protest in the country's biggest city, Karachi, and demanded the death penalty for the cartoonist. They also condemned President Pervez Musharraf for not taking up the issue with the Danish government. "A friend of Denmark is a traitor of the faith," the protesters shouted in chorus. "There is only one treatment for the Jews ... waging jihad (holy war)." Leading Danish newspapers on Wednesday reprinted cartoons of the prophet in a gesture of solidarity after police in Denmark revealed a plot to kill the creator of the caricature that sparked deadly riots across the Muslim world in 2006, including Pakistan.