Police clash with youths in two Paris suburbs

Youths clashed with police in two low-income Paris suburbs, burning a bus in one and setting cars on fire in the other, local authorities said Saturday. No injuries were reported in the outbreaks of violence Friday night in Chanteloup-les Vignes and Mureaux, both in the Yvelines region west of Paris, the regional prefecture said. The clashes recalled rioting in housing projects in 2005 that spread through the country. Bus burnings broke a general calm on the first anniversary of the riots last fall. On Friday night, youths in the Noe housing project in Chanteloup-les Vignes forced a bus driver out of his otherwise empty vehicle before setting it alight, the prefecture said. When police arrived, clashes with the youths began. Details were not immediately available. In Mureaux, clashes erupted after police moved in on youths throwing objects, and five cars were reported burned, the prefecture said.