Pollard blasts Rafi Eitan's election

Accuses ex-operator of having a document that could have had him released.

pollard passport 248.88 (photo credit: Brian Hendler)
pollard passport 248.88
(photo credit: Brian Hendler)
Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli agent imprisoned in the United States for the past 21 years, spoke out on Sunday in a Ma'ariv report against the election of his former Mossad operator Rafi Eitan, who was voted into the Knesset two weeks ago as chairman of the Pensioners' Party (Gil.) "In my worst nightmares I never imagined that my people wouldn't care about the mitzvah of rescuing prisoners to such an extent that they would bring to power my former commander - the man who betrayed me and abandoned me for 21 years," Pollard said. Pollard continued his criticism of Eitan, accusing the operator of holding a document that could have led to his release. The former agent blasted Eitan for failing to implement an escape plan; for providing the Americans with false testimony against him; and for planning to remove Pollard from the Israeli embassy. In addition to the personal offense he saw in Eitan's election, Pollard noted that it was also an insult to the United States. Jonathan Pollard, a former Mossad agent, was convicted of selling US military secrets to Israel. He was sentenced to life in prison, and has been incarcerated for the past 21 years. Various prime ministers have made efforts to secure a pardon for Pollard, none of which have been successful. Rafi Eitan responded to the accusation by saying that he had worked to have Pollard released since the former agent was incarcerated. Eitan expressed hope that a ministerial appointment might give him the necessary influence to secure Pollard's freedom.