Pollard enraged by deal to free Schalit

Pollard enraged by Schal

The jailed Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, came out fiercely on Tuesday against the proposed deal with Hamas in which Israel would release 980 Palestinian prisoners in return for kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit. Speaking to Likud activists Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett at Butner Prison in North Carolina, Pollard said he wanted Schalit to come home, but the thought of terrorists being released "boiled him with anger." "This is a horrible hilul Hashem [blasphemy]," Pollard said. "Instead, [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu should take the list of prisoners Hamas requested and kill one of them every day until they release Gilad from prison. He should not free terrorists, no matter what." Pollard, who has served 25 years in prison for spying for Israel in the United States, stressed that he would not want any terrorists released in a deal to bring about his own release. He has strongly rejected a rumored deal in which he would be released at the same time as convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti. "Just as he was ready to sacrifice his life rather than live knowing that one Jew died because of information that the US did not give to Israel, even after 25 years in prison, Jonathan is not ready for terrorists to be released from jail in exchange for him," Feiglin said after meeting with Pollard for the sixth time in as many years. Feiglin reported that Pollard was in poor health and felt betrayed by Israel. He said that when a relative recently called the Israeli embassy in Washington, the person he spoke to claimed to have never heard of him. "Twenty-five years ago, they threw me out of the embassy, and now they are making me disappear," Pollard said.