Raed Salah wins compensation after UK detention

London High Court rules that Palestinian activist was unjustly detained after immigration officers failed to tell him why he was arrested.

Sheikh Raed Salah 311 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Sheikh Raed Salah 311
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
The UK's high court ruled on Friday that pro-Palestinian Israeli-Arab activist Raed Salah was held unlawfully in the UK, and is entitled to compensation.
Salah was detained on order of UK Home Secretary Theresa May, shortly after his arrival in the country last June.
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The 52-year-old leader of the Islamic Movement's northern branch entered the UK despite being banned from the country.
He was set to address an event in parliament, organized by Labor Party MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Burden together with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
According to judgment, read by Judge Justice Nicol at the High Court in London, Salah was not given "proper and sufficient" reasons for his arrest, The Daily Telegraph reported.
Compensation was likely to be small given that it only covers a period of two days until the Arab-Israeli activist was informed why he was in detention, The Guardian reported.
The judgment said immigration officers failed to provide Salah with translated information and the necessary details behind his arrest.
Salah will appeal the UK home secretary's decision to deport him in separate hearings.