Report: Muslim cleric predicted bombings in London

A radical Muslim cleric predicted terrorists would strike in Britain several months before the July 7 suicide bombings on London's transport network, Channel 4 television reported Friday. Channel 4 showed a video which it said was made by Omar Bakri Mohammed about three months before the London attacks that killed 52 people and the four suicide bombers. In the video, Bakri tells followers to take precautions against the possibility of terror attacks in Britain, saying, "It's going to happen." But Bakri, who left his home in Britain for Lebanon in August amid speculation that he might be charged with treason for allegedly praising the July 7 bombers, said Friday he had no advance knowledge of the attacks. In the video, circulated on the Internet Web site of a group calling itself the Saved Sect, Bakri tells his followers: "May Allah protect us all, if anything happens in the UK, the kufir (non-Muslims) come to us, start to capture these people who are here and there." "It's going to happen, but don't worry. You see, if it happens or don't happen, nothing can happen that deceives Allah. If Allah destines then it is going to happen. But take your precautions. Be aware."