Report: UK army to urge 1 year pullout from Iraq

British military leaders will urge Britain's next prime minister to approve a 12-month timetable for withdrawing forces from Iraq, according to a report in The Sunday Telegraph. The Ministry of Defense said there had been no change in British policy. The Telegraph said: "It is understood that when (Gordon) Brown becomes prime minister later this month, he will be told by defense chiefs that Britain should withdraw from Iraq in 'quick order' and concentrate on fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan." The newspaper quoted an unidentified military official as saying: "Britain is not physically capable of fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq at the same time. The question is: which do we give up? The government and the defense chiefs have decided that we should give up Iraq." In response, a Ministry of Defense spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said "there is no policy change on withdrawal from Iraq." "It remains the case that we will progressively withdraw as we create conditions for the Iraqis to handle security for themselves."