Report: UK terrorists being recruited

Iranian terror group recruiting Muslim Brits for suicide attacks in Israel.

suicide bomb volunteers  (photo credit: Associated Press)
suicide bomb volunteers
(photo credit: Associated Press)
An Iranian terrorist group stated on Wednesday that it was recruiting Muslim British citizens to come to Israel to execute suicide bombing attacks against Israelis. A spokesman for the group, Mohammad Samadi, told the London-based Guardian that Israel was the primary target of their attacks. "All the Jews are targets, whether military or civilian. It's our land and they are in the wrong place. It's their duty to pay attention to the safety of their own families and move them away from the battlefield," he stated. He claimed that there were many disaffected Muslims throughout Europe that could volunteer for such a mission. "We understand the suspicion with which Britain, America and other western countries regard their Muslim populations," he said, adding "We don't condemn them for this because we believe every Muslim has the potential to turn into a bomb against the west." The terrorist group, called The Committee for the Commemoration of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign, reportedly received strong support from the Iranian regime, though it claimed to be independent. The British embassy in Teheran had called upon Iran to renounce its support for the group. According to The Guardian's report, the prospective terrorists were to enter Israel using European passports under the guise of visiting tourists. Samadi claimed that obtaining a British passport was not a difficult task. He noted that dozens of Iranian asylum-seekers receive passports every day. This would not be the first time that British Muslims were recruited for a suicide bombing attack in Israel. In April 2003 two Britons were sent to blow themselves up at Mike's Place restaurant in Tel Aviv. Three Israelis were killed in the attack and dozens of others were wounded. The two reportedly passed between the West Bank and Israel under the guise of peace activists.