Resolution on Armenian genocide to be introduced

Democratic and Republican lawmakers are introducing a resolution Tuesday calling for US recognition of the World War I-era killings of Armenians as genocide. The move will likely anger Turkey and is expected to be opposed by President George W. Bush. The lead sponsors in the House of Representatives say they have commitments from more than 150 other members, who want to add their names as co-sponsors after the bill is introduced, a strong show of support in the 435-member body. The sponsors, who held a new conference Tuesday attended by two Armenian survivors of the killings, say that the move to Democratic control in Congress increases chances that the bill will reach the House floor for a vote. Similar resolutions have been introduced in the past, but were kept from a full vote by congressional leaders. The bill, which will recognize the deaths of the 1.5 million Armenians almost a century ago is likely to touch raw nerves in Turkey. The Bush administration has warned that even congressional debate on the genocide question could damage relations with a key Muslim ally and NATO-member.