'Russian billionaire buys Hitler's car'

Russian billionaire buy

Hitler Mussolini 248.88 (photo credit: )
Hitler Mussolini 248.88
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Adolf Hitler's original Mercedes has been sold to an unidentified Russian billionaire for several million euros, according to a German newspaper. Express daily wrote Monday that a middleman for the billionaire approached Duesseldorf-based vintage car dealer Michael Froehlich and asked him to track down the dictator's dark-blue 770 K model. "I was really torn," Froehlich told Express. "After all this was about the car of a horrible mass murderer." Nonetheless, Froehlich told Express he tracked down the car in Germany. The paper said the billionaire flew in by private jet and bought it from the private owner for between €4 million to €10 million ($6 million to $15 million). Froehlich could not be reached for comment.