Russian FM praises cooperation with Iran

Russia's foreign minister has praised a plan to enrich Iranian nuclear fuel in Russia as a way to defuse the crisis surrounding Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program. Sergey Lavrov confirmed Saturday that the foreign enrichment plan was one of a number of proposals on the table. Germany, along with France and Britain, has tried to engage Iran on a plan that would move its nascent uranium enrichment program to Russia. "We consider this is an absolutely workable idea and it could permit us to find a comprehensive, generally acceptable package of agreements that would become a reliable solution of the Iranian problem and aid in restoring confidence in this question," Lavrov said after a meeting with Germany's new foreign minister. Under the plan floated by some diplomats for moving any Iranian enrichment to Russia, Moscow would supervise the process to make sure enrichment is only to fuel levels. Iran, however, insists it wants to master the complete fuel cycle domestically.