Scores still missing after Indonesian dam bursts

Attention shifted to caring for homeless and hungry survivors Sunday after a dam burst outside the Indonesian capital, sending a wall of water crashing into a densely packed neighborhood. At least 96 people were killed and 130 others were missing - but hopes of finding them alive were dimming. Hundreds of soldiers, police and volunteers have been digging through the mud and debris, some using hoes or their bare hands, while others scoured the banks of bloated rivers. But so far, they have turned up mostly bodies. Days of heavy rain caused a large lake bordering a low-lying residential area southwest of Jakarta to overflow early Friday, sending water cascading over the rim with a thunderous rumble. Hours later, a huge section of the earth wall gave away and a 10-foot (three-meter) -high wave gushed through Cirendeu, overturning cars and uprooting trees. National Disaster Coordinating Agency spokesman Priyadi Kardono put the death toll so far at 96.