Seattle buses to carry ‘Israeli war crimes’ ads

Twelve advertisements will be driving through the northwestern US city starting Dec. 27, the anniversary of Operation Cast Lead.

Seattle Midwest Awareness Campaign 311 (photo credit: SMAC website)
Seattle Midwest Awareness Campaign 311
(photo credit: SMAC website)
Buses in downtown Seattle will carry advertisements about "Israeli war crimes" to mark the second year since the Gaza war.
The Seattle Midwest Awareness Campaign has paid $1,794 to place the advertisements on 12 buses beginning Dec. 27, the day Israel entered Gaza to stop rocket attacks on its southern communities, according to Seattle's King 5 News.
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The ads feature a group of children looking at a demolished building under the heading "Israeli War Crimes: Your tax dollars at work."
Advertisements are accepted for Seattle buses as long as they do not publicize pornography, alcohol and tobacco, and as long as the images and material used don't interfere with public safety or incite a riot.
"As a government, we are mindful of the provisions in state and federal constitutions to protect freedom of speech," King County Metro Transit spokesperson Linda Thielke told King 5 News. "So we can't object these campaigns simply because they offend some people."