Security Council has received Iran nuclear file

The UN Security Council is preparing a short letter to acknowledge receipt of the Iran nuclear file from the International Atomic Energy Agency, but has no plans to take up the controversy over Tehran's nuclear ambitions, UN diplomats said Wednesday. The IAEA board said it lacked confidence that Iran's nuclear program was aimed at producing electricity as Tehran claims - not nuclear weapons as the United States and the European Union suspect. It also accused Tehran of violating the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Ambassadors from the five permanent council members - the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France - discussed the response to a letter from IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei, transmitting the board's resolution and the Iran file after a council meeting Wednesday morning. US Ambassador John Bolton, the current Security Council president, said he would be circulating a draft reply to ElBaradei "fairly shortly" to the 14 other council members for comments. The United States will then "work to get agreement on the letter" and send it to the IAEA, he said, refusing to comment further.