Senators to Clinton: Solve crisis

Barbara Boxer and Johnny Isakson draft letter ahead of AIPAC conference.

barbara boxer johnny isakson 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
barbara boxer johnny isakson 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
WASHINGTON – Two prominent US senators call on the US administration to resolve differences with Israel “amicably and in a manner that befits longstanding strategic allies” in the preamble to a letter thousands of American Israel Public Affairs Committee activists will be urging lawmakers to sign this week.
The letter, written by Barbara Boxer (D-California) and Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia) and addressed to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with its House companion will be centerpieces of Israel advocates’ lobbying as part of the AIPAC annual conference.
The conference, which begins Sunday and is expected to attract an unprecedented 7,500 attendees, comes as the US and Israel have been embroiled in their most serious crisis in years.
The diplomatic spat began when the Interior Ministry approved 1,600 housing units in east Jerusalem during US Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to the country last week. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who said he was taken by surprise by the Interior Ministry’s decision, apologized several times. After Biden acknowledged the apology and had returned to Washington, Clinton placed a nearly 45-minute call to Netanyahu registering American displeasure and questioning Israel’s commitment to its relationship with the US due to a move she publicly called an “insult.”
Several Jewish groups and some members of Congress responded by callingon the US administration to turn down the volume and find a way toresolve the dispute with Israel. AIPAC took the unusual step of issuinga public statement calling the incident “a matter of serious concern,”and urging the administration “to work closely and privately with ourpartner Israel, in a manner befitting strategic allies, to address anyissues between the two governments.”
AIPAC activists will take to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to meet withindividual legislators at the tail end of the conference and are alsoexpected to press for swift passage of Iran sanctions and to backcontinued aid to Israel.
But the recent tensions have heightened the profile of the letters tobe circulated among members backing the US-Israel relationship andlooking to move forward on the peace process. The Senate letter alsocalls on Clinton to “reaffirm the unbreakable bonds between the UnitedStates and Israel.”