Somali mother and five children killed by mortar

A mortar round fired during fighting between Somali insurgents and Ethiopian troops on Sunday killed a mother and her five young children in the capital Mogadishu, a witness and a relative said. Insurgents attacked bases of Ethiopian troops in the south of the capital with mortars and the Ethiopians fired back, said neighbor Mostaf Abdi Ahmed. About 30 mortar rounds were fired, he said. "An explosion rocked our neighborhood, then we came out and saw a shack partly on fire and a mother and her five children lying dead," he said. "Their flesh was scattered all over the shack." Madey Sufi Mohamed, whose wife and five children were killed, said he had gone to a nearby shop when he heard an explosion and returned home to find his family dead. "It is really tragic, but there is nothing I can do about Allah's will," said Mohamed.