Son of murdered Israeli seeks revenge in Mexico

Bodies of Moises and Sapir Aruh to buried in Haifa tomorrow as police investigation in Mexico City for the killers continues.

311_Moises Aruh (photo credit: Courtesy)
311_Moises Aruh
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The bodies of the two Israelis slain in Mexico earlier in the week, Moises and Sapir Aruh, will arrive in Haifa tomorrow for burial, Channel 2 reported on Wednesday.
Moises' son, Maor was also released from prison during the day after being interrogated by Mexican police and stated that he would not attend the funerals to be held in Haifa. Instead, he said in an interview with Channel 2, "I will not leave Mexico until I find the suspects behind this."
RELATED:Police: Lod suspects not connected to other murdersNetanyahu: 'I won't allow Lod to turn into the Wild West'Maor stated that police already have the fingerprints of the murderers and several leads.  The Mexican authorities, according to Maor, believe that two to three men were involved in the killings and that they have criminal backgrounds.
On Monday, members of the Jewish community expressed shock and horror over the murder of Moises and Sapir Aruh, in an apparent burglary of their home in Mexico City last Friday.
“Generally speaking we’re not familiar with things like this,” Chabad’s rabbi in city, Yossi Mayzlef, told The Jerusalem Post. “We still don’t know anything about it, but we’re in shock. It’s an unusual occurrence.”
Moises Aruh, 60, and his daughter, 24, were found dead by Maoz who broke down the door after nobody answered at the home for over a day.
Mexican police say they are investigating the incident and that the family’s driver is missing.
There has been speculation in Israeli media that the killings were somehow related to another of Aruh’s daughters, whose undercover police work recently helped bring down an Israeli drug ring.