Spain jails 7 Islamic radicals arrested in Africa

A suspected militant Islamic cell broken up in Spain last week had begun planning attacks on an arms and explosives depot and a supermarket, according to a leading anti-terrorism judge. National Court Judge Baltasar Garzon jailed seven of the 11 suspected Islamic militants late Sunday after questioning them over the weekend. The men - 10 Spaniards and a Moroccan - were arrested Dec. 12 in pre-dawn raids in Spain's African enclave of Ceuta after having been under police surveillance for more than a year. The targeted arms depot belongs to the Spanish army on Ceuta, Garzon said in a document released Sunday. A former soldier was among the seven jailed. The seven were charged provisionally with belonging to an armed group called Salafia Yihadia, which Garzon said was part of al-Qaida's network in North Africa.