Taiwan students inspired by Hitler start movement

A group of Taiwanese university students has set up a Nazi political movement advocating national unity, strength and curbing immigration, the group's co-founder said Wednesday. The National Socialism Association currently has 20 paid-up members, with another 800 who have used the group's Web site to indicate an interest in joining, co-founder Chao Lahn, 24, said. The site is emblazoned with a Nazi swastika and says the group's ranks are reserved for people "who do not dislike (Adolf) Hitler," the Nazi dictator whose regime systematically murdered 6 million Jews during World War II. But Chao, studying for his Masters in political science at Taipei's prestigious National Chengchi University, denied he was anti-Jewish, and maintained his intention was to foster greater nationalism in Taiwan, an island of 23 million people off China's southeastern coast.