Top CIA spy spies comes out of the shadows

With little fanfare, Jose Rodriguez, who heads the National Clandestine Service, had his cover lifted about a month ago. CIA spokesman Mark Mansfield said the driving factor was his interest in publicly participating in minority recruitment events. He is also retiring later this year after more than three decades with the agency. Rodriguez is the most important man in the US spy game whose name you probably never knew. When he was mentioned publicly before now, he was referred to only as "Jose." Rodriguez became head of the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine service in November 2004. With the creation of the National Clandestine Service the following year as part of an intelligence reorganization, Rodriguez rose to be chief of "human intelligence" operations, overseeing the classic spycraft that takes place at a variety of US spy agencies. In national security circles, however, Rodriguez's identity was not a well-kept secret. Wikipedia users even created an entry about him last year, although the page contains inaccuracies.