UK decries arms shipment to Israel through Glasgow

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett on Wednesday complained to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice over the alleged use of a British airport as a staging post for supply of missiles to Israel. On the sidelines of international talks in Rome, Beckett spoke with Rice and raised the allegations that two US-chartered Airbus A310 cargo planes had stopped for refueling at Prestwick airport, near Glasgow, Scotland, last weekend during a flight to transport GBU28 laser-guided bombs to Israel, a spokesman for Britain's Foreign Office said. Britain may make a formal protest to the US if British newspaper reports, which claimed 28 bunker-buster weapons were carried on the aircraft, are substantiated, the foreign secretary said. "I am not happy about it. Not least because it appears that in so far as there are procedures for handling of that kind of cargo - hazardous cargoes irrespective of what they are - it does appear that they were not followed," Beckett told Britain's Channel 4 News, speaking in Rome.