UK study: Muslim cops more likely to be corrupt

An internal Metropolitan Police report concluded that Asian Muslim officers were more likely to become corrupt than their white counterparts, the Guardian reported Saturday. The Guardian, which obtained a leaked copy of the report, written by an officer of south Asian origin, said it concluded that "Asian officers and in particular Pakistani Muslim officers are under greater pressure from the family, the extended family... and their community against that of their white colleagues to engage in activity that might lead to misconduct or criminality." The newspaper said the report concluded that there was a cash culture in British Pakistani life in which "assisting your extended family is considered a duty" and recommended anti-corruption training for south Asian officers. Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain Muhammad Abdul Bari said corruption in any officer should be addressed, "but just to make a blanket comment on the [Muslim] community is not good at all, especially in this period" of Muslim sensitivity over allegations that some of its members may be plotting terror attacks. Superintendent Dal Babu, who chairs the Association of Muslim Officers, said the report had racist undertones. "We are gravely concerned about its contents and the message it sends to recruits," he said.