UK to police own during World Cup

The British government planned on Thursday to reveal details of a program under which its police will cooperate with German forces to try to prevent hooliganism at the next soccer World Cup. Under the plan, about 100 British police officers are expected to go to Germany for the tournament in June and July. For the first time, a team from Britain's prosecutors' department also is likely to be on hand to assist with evidence-gathering. It is hoped their presence will avert a repeat of Euro 2004 in Portugal when unruly British fans were deported. British courts refused to impose orders banning them from future foreign games based solely on their convictions in Portugal. Rowdy and unruly British fans have been known to cause violence at World Cups in other nations, and British Home Secretary Charles Clarke was to give details of the large anti-hooliganism operation at a news conference on Thursday afternoon. He was expected to announce that a small number of German police officers would be stationed at British ports to help screen fans in the run-up to the event. Administrative changes to speed up the British system for imposing soccer banning orders also was likely to be unveiled, as well as updated figures on the number of Britons currently banned.