UN council raps Sudan over war crimes suspects

Backed by Chinese and US agreement, the US Security Council is urging Khartoum to arrest and hand over two Darfur war crimes suspects. Council members by a 15-0 vote issued a statement Monday that "urges the government of Sudan and all other parties to the conflict in Darfur to cooperate fully with the court ... to put an end to impunity for the crimes committed in Darfur." The action comes after the court's prosecutor earlier this month described Sudan as refusing to arrest and surrender Ahmed Harun, a cabinet minister, and Ali Kushayb, a militia commander, who face charges of crimes against humanity. Monday's statement was notable in part because it obtained the support both of China, one of five veto-wielding council members and a strong protector of Sudan, and of the veto-wielding United States, and occurred during the month when the US holds the council's rotating presidency.