US Army medic war objector convicted on desertion

A US Army medic who refused to return to Iraq because he believes war is immoral was sentenced to eight months in prison after being convicted of desertion at a court martial Tuesday - far short of the maximum seven-year sentence. Specialist Agustin Aguayo and his attorneys turned to each other and smiled as the judge, Col. R. Peter Masterton, read out the sentence. Since Aguayo has been jailed for 161 days awaiting trial, he could be free soon. His attorney, David Court, said he did not expect him to serve more than about six more weeks. "We're grateful that the military judge gave a light sentence," Court said, adding he believed Aguayo convinced the judge he was sincere and that "the judge is concerned with justice." The judge also ordered that Aguayo be reduced in rank to private, forfeit his pay, and receive a bad conduct discharge.