US: Man falls from hotel's 17th floor - and lives

A man crashed through a double-paned window in a hotel and plummeted 16 floors - but survived when he was caught by a roof overhang. Joshua S. Hanson, 29, of Blair, Wisconsin, was taken to a hospital after the fall Saturday. Police said his most serious injury from the fall was a broken leg. According to a police report, Hanson and two friends returned from a night of drinking about 1:30 a.m. Saturday. When the elevator reached the 17th floor, Hanson ran down a short hallway toward a floor-to-ceiling window, Barsness said. He apparently lost his balance and crashed through the glass, then fell 300 feet (90 meters). "This has never happened before," said Tom Mason, general manager of the Hyatt. He added that hotel officials would investigate and take whatever steps to ensure the hotel's safety.