US military reports five soldiers killed in Iraq

Three dead in Baghdad; two killed in Anbar province.

US coffin flag 88 (photo credit: )
US coffin flag 88
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The US military on Monday reported five US soldiers have been killed, three of them in combat on Monday in Baghdad. Two others were killed on two days earlier in Anbar province. One soldier was killed Monday by a deadly roadside bomb known as an explosively formed penetrator, or EFP, in southern Baghdad. Two soldiers and an Iraqi translator were wounded in the attack. Two other soldiers were killed Monday, one who died in a roadside bombing in the south of the capital. A second soldier was wounded in the attack. In southwestern Baghdad, a soldier died when his patrol was hit with small arms fire. A second soldier was wounded, the military said. The two soldiers killed Saturday died in a roadside bombing in Fallujah, the military said. Two other soldiers were wounded in that attack. The victims' identifies were withheld until family was notified.