US neo-Nazis gear up for Hitler's b'day

Events include "Adolf Hitler Memorial and BBQ" with swastika lighting.

neo nazi 66 (photo credit: )
neo nazi 66
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America's neo-Nazis will be staging a series of events and rallies across the US next week to mark the 119th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler on April 20, 1889. The Anti-Defamation League said those organizing the events include the National Socialist Movement and its offshoots Volksfront and the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP). The events include on April 19 an anti-immigration march in Washington DC, a "family friendly" cookout in memory of Hitler in Morganton, North Carolina, for members of the white supremacist website Stormfront, and a meeting in Portland, Oregon, of the local chapter of Volksfront, which is seeking to purchase land in the Pacific Northwest in order to establish an autonomic whites-only region in the area. The rally in Washington, organized by NSM, is expected to see marchers wearing Nazi uniforms and a former SS officer speaking. On April 20, ANSWP will host an event in Chicago, while the National Socialist Order of America plans to launch its National Socialist Leadership Training School, a correspondence course for members, on that day. On April 26, Crew 38, a group close to the violent neo-Nazi group Hammerskin Nation, will hold an "Adolf Hitler Memorial and BBQ" in Houston with a swastika lighting.