US: Pakistani student terror suspect convicted

A Pakistani student who authorities said had ties to a terrorist plot to aid the Taliban was convicted Tuesday on a gun charge. Shiraz Syed Qazi, 26, was found guilty of one count of possession of a firearm by an alien during a brief trial conducted by US District Judge Lee Rosenthal. Qazi waived his right to a jury trial. Under federal law, a nonimmigrant with a student visa, such as Qazi, cannot have firearms or ammunition. The charge stemmed from a 2005 camping trip outside Houston that Qazi made with three other men. Authorities said the trip was part of paramilitary training for the four Muslim men. The men were photographed firing and holding guns by informants working for law enforcement. Two of the men, Adnan Babar Mirza and Kobie Diallo Williams, were charged with conspiracy to join the Taliban and fight US forces.