US: Rabbi to get new kidney from Methodist pastor

After almost a year of waiting to hear good news, Rabbi Andrew Bossov found out this week that doctors approved a surgery that will give him one of the Rev. Karen Onesti's kidneys. Bossov's daughter, Elisabeth, said Onesti's gesture is one of pure human kindness. She said, "I believe what's happening between my dad and Karen is the most prominent example of a healthy interfaith relationship that I and others in the community have ever seen." Bossov, the spiritual leader of Adath Emanu-El, has interstitial nephritis, kidney failure that has been progressing slowly. The disease appears to stem from a bad reaction he had to medication years ago. The two met four years ago through an interfaith council. When he mentioned at a meeting last February that his decreased function allowed him to get on the transplant list, the pastor jumped at the chance to help him.