US warns Iran on supplying Iraqi rebels

Officials say anti-tank technology, explosives funneled into southern Iraq.

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The United States has warned Iran that it will be forced to take action if Iran does not halt its supply of weapons and ammunition to Shi'ite insurgents in southern Iraq, Israel Radio reported. A deputy of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday that the US had approached Iran on the issue a number of times through secret channels, but Iran has thus far refused to comply with the US demands. Officials did not specify what "action" against Iran would entail. According to US officials, the weapons funneled to the rebels include advanced anti-tank technology, shoulder-held missiles, and explosives.
  • When to get out, by Ed Koch (op-ed) On Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Times reported that the US was preparing for an expanded role in Iraq that may include new tactics designed to deter Iranian assistance to Iraqi insurgents. "Efforts could include more forceful patrols by Air Force and Navy fighter planes along the Iran-Iraq border to counter the smuggling of bomb supplies from Iran," the Times reported. According to the report, the Air Force could also strike suspected bomb suppliers inside Iraq to deter Iranian agents.