'World need not fear China's military rise'

The world should not fear China's military rise, premier Wen Jiabao said Friday and vowed to improve relations with regional rival Japan while repeating attacks on old foes Taiwan and the Dalai Lama. In a two-hour news conference at the end of China's two-week legislative session, Wen said the nation is opposed to the militarization of outer space despite a recent test of an anti-satellite weapon that prompted international criticism. Wen said the January test that destroyed a defunct Chinese weather satellite was not targeted at any other nation and did not violate any international treaties. "China always advocates for the peaceful utilization of outer space and we are always opposed to an arms race in outer space," Wen said, adding Beijing was repeating its calls for an international convention banning weapons in outer space. "China's position on the peaceful utilization of outer space remains unchanged," he said.