Zawahiri: Israel must be attacked as revenge for policy in Gaza Strip

"Israel and additional Western targets must be attacked as revenge for Israel's aggressive policy in the Gaza Strip," Osama bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri said in a recording released by an al-Qaida-affiliated Website on Sunday night, several days after bin Laden himself called on Palestinians to "suspend all negotiations with Israel and start a Jihad war to liberate Palestine." "Muslims, this is our day," Zawahiri said. "Strike the interests of Jews and Americans, and all those who wield aggression against the Muslims. Today no one can say that we are battling the Jews in Palestine alone." In discussing the IDF operations in the Gaza Strip, Zawahiri asserted that it wasn't enough to support the Palestinians by holding solidarity rallies. "We must concentrate on the armed struggle," he said. "Let them understand that they will bleed for every dollar that they spent to kill Muslims." Zawahiri lambasted the leaders of several Arab states, who he claimed were complicit with Israel in the blockade of the Gaza Strip, calling the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia "part of a satanic pact."