'Iran bought nuclear technology via Taiwan'

Iran bought nuclear tec

Teheran has recently managed to secretly acquire 100 pressure transducers as part of efforts to import sophisticated technology for the Iranian nuclear program, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday night, quoting Western intelligence officials. According to the report, the transducers were manufactured by European companies, which sold them to a company in Taiwan, which then sold them on to Iran's defense ministry. UN officials are investigating whether European companies are properly checking end-user certificates for their equipment, the paper stated. The paper reported that Iranian officials are attempting to negotiate further shipments of the restricted equipment from Taiwan. Iran is prohibited from buying such equipment by the Nuclear Suppliers Group, an international body whose purpose is to reduce nuclear proliferation. "This is a serious loophole, as it enables Iran to acquire sophisticated equipment that can help it develop its nuclear program," a UN source told the Telegraph. "Pressure needs to be applied to the companies involved to stop doing business with Teheran while it is still refusing to cooperate with the UN."