Bolivia's Morales to meet with Iranian president

President Evo Morales said he will discuss trade and diplomatic relations with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when the leaders meet in Ecuador for Monday's inauguration of President-elect Rafael Correa. "The president of Iran has asked me for a bilateral meeting," Morales said at a news conference Saturday night in Cochabamba, 230 kilometers southeast of the capital of La Paz. "They've proposed a diplomatic agreement with us, or actually we've already discussed trade agreements and we'll see if it's necessary to have a diplomatic agreement as well." Morales said Iran has offered technological support to the Andean country's efforts to industrialize its agricultural sector. "I'm dreaming that Bolivia could have a plant to build its own tractors," Morales said. "In contacts (with Iran), which are difficult sometimes because of the language issue, they've told us that they are very interested in investment. We'll see where that goes."