'EU's carrot-stick policy is wrong'

Iran warns sanctions make it more determined to continue nuke program.

UNSC vote on Iran sanctions (photo credit: Associated Press)
UNSC vote on Iran sanctions
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast spoke out against a European initiative to impose tougher sanctions on the Islamic republic on Tuesday, a week after the UN Security Council approved yet another round of trade limitations.
"The carrot and stick policy of the EU is wrong and illogical because such measures would not resolve the issue," Reuters quoted Mehmanparast as saying.
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He reportedly declared, "Sanctions will not stop Iran's nuclear work. Sanctions will make us more decisive to become self-sufficient." He added that Teheran was looking into EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton's request to meet with Iranian officails.
The EU, UN and US have been calling for measures against Teheran in reaction to its refusal to engage in a diplomatic process that would limit or fully monitor its nuclear program.
Meanwhile on Tuesday, Western nations rebuked Iran over its human rights record after overcoming an attempt by Iran and its Muslim allies to block the statement from being read aloud in the UN Human Rights Council.