'Exert consistent pressure on Iran'

Obama says though sanctions may not change Iran's behavior, int'l action needed.

Obama serious 311 (photo credit: AP)
Obama serious 311
(photo credit: AP)
The international community does not have guarantees that sanctions could serve to change Iran’s behavior, but must continue to exert pressure on Teheran in hopes that the Islamic republic might reconsider the pros and cons of pursuing nuclear weapons, US President Barack Obama said in an interview aired Friday morning and communicated by the Reuters news agency.
Speaking to ABC’s Good Morning America, Obama reportedly said the "the history of the Iranian regime, like the North Korean regime, is that … you apply international pressure on these countries; sometimes they choose to change behavior, sometimes they don't."
The US president was quoted as saying that “consistent” internationalpressure would get through to a regime “which is not a stupid regime,which is very attentive.”
Iran marked Nuclear Day on Friday, an official day of celebrationdedicated to its nuclear development. On the occasion, Teheran unveiled a third generation of domestically built centrifuges said to be as much as ten times more powerful than those currently in operation at the Natanz nuclear facility.
Meanwhile on Friday, North Korea denounced Obama's nuclear policy as"hostile” and vowed to keep building and expanding its arsenal ofatomic weapons.
The blistering criticism from North Korea's Foreign Ministry wascarried Friday by the official Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang.
AP contributed to this report.