Eye on Iran: A dangerous distraction

The war in Iraq was merely a diversion from the more ominous threat of Iran. Posted by Joseph Rosa.

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Joseph Rosa
I have always maintained that this utterly useless and sadly destructive (to the innocent Iraqis) sojourn into Iraq was dangerous to the point of distraction from the more ominous threat of Iran.
I do not believe that Israel and its leaders failed to see this while Bush and Blair's bandwagon to futility began not too long after 9/11.
Israel should have been more insisting of this horrid incursion.
Iran a threat? You bet it is, but it's too late… Israel should have persuaded the US on Iran instead of Iraq.
Do I feel sorry for Israel? Not now. You were too glad to have the US distract Iraq and put Iran on the backburner. The chickens are coming to roost and now the US can not really do anything and if Israel does bomb the facility(ies), then retribution and condemnation will make it even more difficult for all in the Middle East to ever trust the US and make the hateful atmosphere toward Israel even worse.
You reap what you sow.

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