Eye on Iran: A ticking bomb

Two new posts: The clock is ticking; it's just a matter of time before Iran has nukes. By Mark Glass and A. Sherman

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Mark Glass, NC, US
Well, I think even the Europeans would agree that Iran is a threat, and that their peaceful pursuit of nuclear power is a sham. But what to do?
Maybe if we talk nice to Mr. Ah-mad-inejad he'll give up his program. Maybe by some miracle, we'll get a firm plan of action out of the Security Council. Maybe.
Most likely though, all the usual debate by the UN is just more "fiddling while Rome burns," except this time Israel will burn if something is not done. Will we, the free world, really wait to see if Mr. Ah-mad-inejad is serious about calling for Israel to be wiped off the map?
Will we wake up one morning to find Tel Aviv in ashes? Probably not.
I think there are enough realists in Israel to recognize the necessity of making sure Iran never develops nuclear weapons. The US and Israel are the only countries capable and willing to take action, and the clock is ticking. Until then, I'm afraid all the political discussion and maneuvering is just going through the motions.
Posted by A. Sherman, USA
It's like this... your mailman tells you that your neighbor said he hates you and wants to kill you. You shake your head.
Next day, the mailman says, "I have to tell you, I just delivered the barrel of a gun to your neighbor." "No biggie," you say, "what's he going to do with just a barrel?"
Next day, mailman says, "just so you know, today came a trigger." Next day, mailman says, "today came a gun handle."
Should we wait for the bullets to be delivered? Or, should we take action before that? You decide. But hurry.

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