Eye on Iran: Between a rock and a hard place

The plan that I would advocate is to help plan a coup with Iranian pro-democracy dissidents. Posted by Kit Allen Clovis.

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Posted by Kit Allen Clovis, CA, USA
Iran has most definitely got the world between a rock and a hard place with their nuclear program. If we just go on with trying to talk to them, they'll get closer every day to finishing this project.
A pre-emptive strike by anyone will do little, since according to the BBC, Iran has spread its nuclear tadpoles, as William F. Buckley calls them, to up to twenty-four possible sites.
If we're to attack, we want to be efficient, and dropping expensive bombs on twenty-four sites that may or may not contain the nuclear material is not efficient in any sense.
Therefore, the plan that I would advocate to my government, and to any other that is concerned about Iran, is to help plan a coup with Iranian pro-democracy dissidents, or at least open a dialogue and bankroll them.
Iranian students recently demonstrated for democracy, and they seem to be fairly sane, as suggested by William F. Buckley of the National ReviewWhich brings me to the very reason we have to watch this issue so very closely. Iran is run by people I would not allow to own a goldfish for fear of its safety.
Ahmadinijad was quoted as saying something to effect of, "I was suffused in a green light for seven to eight seconds, and no one could look away," after meeting with the UN Security Council. If anyone else said that, they'd quite probably be thrown into the nearest mental hospital for a good long while. And the frightening thing is, it looks like the Ayatollahs are grooming him to take over after they die, since they pretty much put him there, and they're allowing him to acquire more power.
We cannot have someone who has shown himself to be of very questionable mental stability in charge of a nation with the capacity to make nuclear bombs.

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