Eye on Iran: Economy vs. safety

My grandparents survived so that there would be a day that I could survive. My children and their children deserve better. Posted by Pete Kusnick.

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Pete Kusnick, Eldersburg, MD You're asking for a diatribe both intelligent and creative. I give you my thoughts. The West (the USA, as Europe is really not a participant in the world struggle because it's consumed with internal problems seemingly real and imagined due to a volatile population) feels the need to destroy or contain Iran. Comparisons are made daily to our ability to do business with China and the former Soviet Union, which are now our trading partners. Yet despite the ability of OPEC to capture our imaginations, nothing is done by either the Republican administration or the cooped Democrats, except to follow the route that derailed our path by involving our troops and families in a war that has no foreseeable conclusion. Unlike Israel and its enemy the PLO, the USA doesn't have to choose war. Without rehashing the burnt food, let's be real. Iran is a threat to breathing, let alone freedom, culture, self-respect, survival, capitalism, religion, education, procreation, interpretation, exchange, life, G_D. Now we can sit and wring our hands while they develop a nuclear arsenal to tie to a multitude of warhead capable missiles. Or, we can preemptively strike any and all known targets. The West balances our economic prowess with the ability to hold off, as if waiting will improve our lives rather than lead to extinction. There won't be any group of nations interested in bombing Iran so long as China and the Russians and Pakistanis support their armies of destruction. We have tied our hands with decades of meddling and deal making. I, for one, have exhausted my energies to discuss the modern State of Israel vs. the Arab-Moslems. I see no moral clause that prevents annihilation of Persia. It is our mandate, prerogative, our destiny, and choosing - if not our dream. I believe in a world without dictators. I believe in a world without domination. If this is reality when faced with destruction than I prefer my reality; I choose to fight. I choose to live. Were it not for my grandparents I would not exist. They survived so that there would be a day that I could survive. My children and their children deserve better.
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