Eye on Iran: Iranians are also feeling uneasy at present

Israel's present government is mistaken if it believes that provocative military adventures would help secure peace. Posted by Brian.

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Posted by Brian, London, England Given Tehran's opinion on the future inclusion of the state of Israel in school atlases together with the growing concerns over Iran's potential to develop nuclear weapons, it is understandable that many Israelis are feeling increasingly threatened these days. At the same time, however, it would also be useful to understand the position of an ordinary citizen of Iran. In the light of the bellicose rhetoric used by some Israeli politicians, if I were an Iranian, I would be feeling rather uneasy at the moment. The knowledge that Israel already possesses nuclear weapons and that influential people there are openly discussing preemptive military strikes would not serve to ease my nerves. Furthermore, my disquiet would certainly have been heightened when viewing the aftermath of the Israeli Defense Force's recent excursions into Lebanese and Palestinian territories. I would also, no doubt, duly note that these countries' respective administrations were too weak, politically and militarily, to either defend their citizens or to disarm the militant agitators whose actions Israel claimed justified their incursions. In short, I should be most anxious that Iranians would not suffer the same fate, or worse, as that of the Lebanese and Palestinians. Most Israelis support their government in doing whatever they believe is necessary to defend their country, regardless of the subsequent reaction from the likes of the UN or the EU. It should not, therefore, be difficult to perceive why ordinary Iranians would not similarly support their own government's (suspected) attempt to develop a nuclear deterrent and treat the ensuing international criticism with equal disregard. One side, and militant Arab states on the other, ratchet up the tensions a point whereby their respective differences become permanently irreconcilable. Israel's present government is mistaken if it believes that provocative military adventures supplemented with vows and The real danger comes when Israel and the US, on threats are being helpful in securing peace in the region. This can only be achieved by engendering the goodwill of Israel's neighbours, primarily through affording Muslims in Israel and Palestine the same rights and opportunities that the citizens of other faiths enjoy. This way, Israel can rightly expect to gain acceptance and support from the Arab world, in particular, and from the wider Muslim population in general. Without this backing, however, the national security of Israel will always be threatened.
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