Eye on Iran: Playing along

It is not an understatement to suggest that the civilized world must be soon prepared to fight this global scourge. By Adina Kutnicki.

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Adina Kutnicki, NJ, US. A substantial majority of the Iranian people are reported to be in tune and attuned to western culture. Therefore, aside from the hardcore Islamists ruling the country and their followers, it is important to separate in one's mind the regime from the general population. Unfortunately, this is not the case with those under Hamas rule. Nevertheless, the mention of Iran rightfully conjures up many menacing images that reach the depths of the souls of most Israeli and American citizens. Due to the genocidal memories from Hitler's rabidly anti-Semitic and anti-American regime, the parallels found in Iran's regime are striking fear in many civilized hearts. To complete this nightmare scenario, Iran is the foremost sponsor of terror in the entire world. Their forward based Hezbollah (which grew exponentially as a result of PM Barak's dead of the night flight out of Lebanon) is now lethally armed with missiles pointed straight at Israel's heart. At the same time Hezbollah agents are buried deep within US cities, ready to strike at a moment's notice. PIJ, Hamas & other Islamist (and secular) terror groups are all under Iran's jihad umbrella. As the Iranian confrontation looms large and ready to explode in the near future, the FBI and many counter terror units are chasing the Iranian terror proxy groups down. Therefore, it is not an understatement to suggest that the civilized world must be soon prepared to fight this global scourge. Many are unable to be soldiers on the front lines or to give material support to Israeli or US troops. However, no one interested in avoiding a nuclear holocaust dares to give material aid or other succor - overt or otherwise - to the barbaric Iranian regime. All those who do (most recently Noam Chomsky from MIT, the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta and assorted worldwide terror apologists) must be marginalized, and then exposed for their treachery. The civilized world is in a literal race to the death with those wishing to reconnect to the 4th Imam Ali & to their goals of resurrecting the Islamic caliphate. As outlandish as it may sound to our western ears, the Islamists are deadly serious and will stop at nothing (least of all through the absurd inducements of carrots and sticks) to achieve Islamic domination. I truly hope that the US administration is just playing along with the UN & the EU (through the Orwellian diplomatic charade being bandied about), all the while preparing the wartime machinery needed to take out Iran's reactors and the entire regime. Nonetheless, the Israeli regime surely understands that they do not have the luxury to wait for the international regime to magically hop on board. Thus, they dare not have infinite patience. PM Sharon with the requisite military/security heads were briefed several years ago on Project Daniel, as was President Bush. This trenchant policy paper regarding the Iranian nuclear threat etc can be found at NATIV ONLINE. The readership would be well advised to read it very carefully. The esteemed Professor Louis Beres, who is both a noted international law and nuclear policy expert, was the Chairman of this policy forum.
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