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ahmadinejad, hands in ai (photo credit: AP [file])
ahmadinejad, hands in ai
(photo credit: AP [file])
Ahmadinejad's faux pas? He did it again. Less than three months on the job, Iran's zealous president made another diplomatic gaffe, which may cost his country dearly. Eye of the Storm: Reading between the lines Prophet Muhammad himself initiated the practice of writing letters to "the rulers of the world": How to interpret Ahmandinejad's letter to President Bush. Editor's Notes: Undoing the ayatollahs This year marks the centenary of a pro-democracy revolution in Iran. What are the chances of a repeat? Mission and mysticism A new word has entered the political vocabulary: 'mahdaviat', meaning 'rightly-guided one.' Ahmadinejad - incitement deserves indictment The international community must not, under any circumstance, ignore the warning signs of genocide. Rattling the Cage: We can live with a nuclear Iran If I could choose between living with a nuclear Iran or a non-nuclear Iran, I would choose the latter. What kind of tree is Israel? There is a real danger that politically feeble-minded Jews in Israel will prefer to ignore the growing danger to Israel. Hiding in a paradox By doing nothing against the Islamic Republic in the medium term the EU and US may actually be strengthening Ahmadinejad's position. Hallucinations of Hitler A fear of a nuclear Iran isn't all that's got so many Jews imagining 21st-century Nuremburg rallies and concentration camps.