'General took vital papers from Iran'

Report: 3 Iranians vanish in Turkey after trying to sell missile parts to Iran.

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Former Iranian General and assistant defense minister Ali Rez Asghari left Iran using a new passport and pseudonym and managed to smuggle important intelligence documents, according to a report published Friday morning by London-based newspaper Asharq Alawsat. According to the report, the missing Iranian general was carrying documents and maps of Iran's military and intelligence infrastructure as well as information regarding the relations between the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hizbullah and the Islamic Jihad.
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    In addition, the general was reported to possess information regarding the Iranian nuclear program as well as information about Iran's strategic military plans. Meanwhile, Turkish newspapers reported that three Iranians disappeared in Turkey, following allegations that they attempted to smuggle missiles into Iran. Turkish newspapers reported Friday morning that the three Iranians, who owned Turkish companies operating, disappeared late last year following their attempts to smuggle spare used missile parts to Iran. Reportedly, the attempt to export American-made rocket pieces to Iran, was foiled when Turkish customs informed the US authorities of the sale. Turkish newspapers reported that the three Iranians disappeared shortly after the incident, last December.