'Hated Israel will be annihalated'

Ahmadinejad warns aggression won't save "most criminal regime in the world."

ahmadinejad speaks to the masses great 311 ap (photo credit: AP)
ahmadinejad speaks to the masses great 311 ap
(photo credit: AP)
The Palestinians and the nations of the Middle East will be rid of a “bad omen” once Israel is annihilated, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday, in a speech communicated by Press TV.
Israel, a foreign presence and a “Western prodigy” in the region, had “reached the end of its road,” Ahmadinejad told supporters in southern Iran.
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Calling Jews who immigrated to Israel before or after the founding of the state “the most criminal people in the world,” he said it was now clear that there was no regime more hated than Israel.
“They think in their underdeveloped minds that if they launch another war against Lebanon or Syria it might help them survive a little longer. I am telling them that you are in a situation now that more aggressions or wars will not save you,” Press TV quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.
Echoing a Wednesday speech in which he accused the US of creating theterrorist movement it now seeks to defeat in Afghanistan, Ahmadinejadsaid NATO forces were deploying troops to the region intending to“seize the oil in Iraq and the Persian Gulf.”
“I must tell you that the young generation of the Middle East will cutyour hands off from the oil reserves of the Persian Gulf,” the Iranianpresident said.